This life is mine, for better or for worse.


This life is mine, for better or for worse.

Works at StarKid Potter Studies at University of Michigan Lives in Chicago, Illinois Single Born on December 4, 1986 From Cincinatti, OH

"So guys," Julia said as she waved her waffle maker in the air.

"Any of you like waffles?"

*cue raunchy waffle sex*


Quinn just threw up in her car seat so that’s how my day is going.

Sounds lovely. You must be having so much fun.

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Mass Text

  • Julia: ...hey guys
  • Joey: Hey Jules
  • Julia: It's been a while, huh? How have you been lately?

That Time Julia Almost Got Mugged At A Prison and Now SHe’s Gotta Go Into Hiding Oh Also An Almost Car Crash|| lols jk ignore this it’s shit

julia walked over to her car and she hopped in that mofo. why, you ask? to go visit inmates in prison of course! after all, that’s where all the best drug dealers always are duhhhhh. lolz jk starkids don’t do no drugs obvs. so anyway, she was driving and texting or whatever iduno man that shit’s illegal but i bet it was jaime or someone like that because wow bad driver amirite?yeahhhh so she was texting and all like “man, i dont even know i just don’t talk to ppl anymore wow wut why am i talking to you antisocial k bye” and she looked up, and was all like, woah man headlights oh wait hedlites woahhhhhh and swerved and totally like avoided a crash man idunno it was intense. but anyway she drives like a bunch and oh look they’ve arrived at the jail yay cheerin up inmates and shit.

so juls walks into jail and she’s like “yo inmates whaddupwhaddup mah homies” and they’re like wow ew who are you go away. and julz is like “wut no” and she sprinkles them with inspiring dust or some shit and they’re like “WOAHHHHH MAN THIS IS WHAT INSPIRATION FEELS LIKE” ‘cept for this one badass mofo who’s like “AWWW HELL NAH” and he walks over and is like all up in her face. and that shithead is all like “GIRL I WILL CUT YOU. YOU GAT THAT? I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND I WILL CUUUT YOU.” so she’s all freaked and shit by this uninspired, uncultured shit and she leaves and now she’s in hiding and oh also she had a month to live but not really lolz kk bye

Mass Text

  • Julia: ...hey guys
  • Ali: hey julia :)
  • Julia: okay that was weird don't let me say that again

Mass Text

  • Julia: ...hey guys



The starkids think they have superpowers, but they’re actually all just incredibly high and Julia and AJ are the only ones not on LSD.

Ummm..super powers?

If it makes you feel any better, a day ago, I was just as lost as you.

Mass Text:

  • Elona: Hey
  • Julia: Hey! What's up?
  • Elona: Not much! Just relaxing, you?
  • Julia: Unpacking. I'm back in Chicago

Mass Text:

  • Elona: Hey
  • Julia: Hey! What's up?



//so guys, which starkids were in chicago the entire time, and which are just as lost as juls is

//AJ is just as lost as she is…but I don’t know where he was…

//idunno the general excuse is either family or problems in chitown they wanted to leave behind

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I'm an actor and a director. I like to write, and sometimes I paint. I went to this college called UMich and there, I met the people whom I now call my family.
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